Patient Comments

“Thank you! You did a great job with my braces and getting me through the surgery. I appreciated all the attention to detail and getting my teeth lined up just right. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much!”

Danielle K.

“I absolutely loved my experience here. The entire staff is friendly, professional, and prompt completing a whole SIX MONTHS early is also a huge bonus! I loved the SureSmile program!”

Jessica S.

“I am so happy that I went through with getting braces with your office. You are all so wonderful and friendly and I’m so happy with the results. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Tia G.

“It was so fun having braces. People don’t really know that. When Dr. Johnson said it was time to get them off, I didn’t want to. I will miss my braces, but I love my teeth now. The staff was so nice and fun to be around. This was a great experience.”

Jordan M.

“I got braces because I wanted to have perfect teeth and now I’ve got them! The staff here is the best! I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else.”

Emily R.

“I proceeded with braces because it was important to me to have straight teeth. I love my teeth now because they are so pretty and straight. It’s all thanks to Johnson Orthodontics staff and their great personalities! They are so gental.”

Kylie G.

“The office staff was great! They always answered my questions about what they were doing to my teeth and made my experience in braces as enjoyable as possible.”

Sam S.

“You guys are awesome! I love my new smile. Your staff is kind and generous. When my mom said I had to get braces I didn’t want to , but when I met the staff it made me look forward to coming back each visit.”

Andrew T.

“Everyone here is so welcoming and nice. I always looked forward to coming here. My smile has changed dramatically and I am so thankful that I came here! I’ve been getting many compliments about my smile and it is all credited to Johnson Orthodontics!”

Marianne R.

“Every single person at Johnson Orthodontics has made me feel so welcome! I am so confident with my smile now. I couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Johnson. There’s a new me now!”

Britney B.

“My back teeth were very messed up and wow, now they are great and all the other ones are as well. Your staff is wonderful, always so nice, helpful and caring. I will recommend you to everyone I know.”

Tina C.

“My motive for seeking orthodontic treatment came from a desire to restore my teeth to the way they once were. I was skeptical, but was explained the procedure. The results were better than I expected. The entire staff treated me well, explained procedures and how to use devices thoroughly. I am very satisfied that I decided to become a patient.”

Andy D.

“I really enjoyed my experience with Johnson Orthodontics. The staff is extremely nice, and as far as the pain goes, they made my experience totally painless.”


“To me, before braces, I thought my teeth looked really messed up. Johnson Orthodontics, in my opinion, is great. It is in a nice building and is full of nice, cheerful employees. On top of that, they did an amazing job at fixing my teeth.”

Gabriel D.

“Dr. Johnson and all his staff are great, very thorough, friendly, gentle and efficient! I was referred here and glad I was!”

Angelina W.

“I wanted a great smile and I got more than I expected. The staff is all so nice and supportive and I am so glad I chose to go here. Thank you again!”

Calle H.

“I proceeded with orthodontics because I wanted perfect teeth. My results are AMAZING! The office staff was very welcoming and actually made my appointments fun! I am so glad I chose Johnson Orthodontics!”

Lindsay S.

“I love my teeth! They are so straight! I really enjoyed being here. I love the staff. They are so nice and caring. I also enjoyed the prizes from the contests I won. Thanks for everything.”

Alexandra P.

“You are so nice and friendly, but what really stuck me was your competence.
You answered all of my questions, no matter how silly, very matter-of-factly
and never made me feel inferior for not knowing the answers. You showed me my
options, and didn’t pressure me in any way. I found that very comforting.”

Krista L.

“The atmosphere in your office is very friendly not only for the patients, but
for younger siblings in the waiting room as well. We’ll always recommend your
office to everyone we know.” Thank you.”

Yelena M.

“This was a great choice for me. The staff showed a lot of care and effort in
my treatment. I wouldn’t choose any other place in referring friends and
family for braces. Thanks to all the staff here for making this an enjoyable

Edward W.

“I love my new smile, and I loved the staff. Thank you.”

Colby M.

“I started orthodontics because of over crowding. My results are super
awesome and I really like my new smile. I enjoyed my time here. The staff
are fun, easy to work with, very nice, patient, and always friendly. It was

Jake G.

“We have recommended Dr. Johnson to friends, because this is a wonderful

Rhonda C.